Adams Natural Meats"Striving for Excellence... Growing With Pride"


How It All Started


The Adams buffalo journey began in 1992 when Bryan Adams acquired his first three bison calves.  

"Being involved in the drilling and blasting business in Colorado, we recieved a call from Paul Jonjak of Blue Mountain Bison in 1992, asking if we would dynamite out a basement for his new home. He offered three bison calves in trade for our blasting services. Not knowing what we were getting into, we agreed. When the job was completed, Mr. Jonjak personally brought the two heifer calves and one bull calf on Christmas eve. Thus, the circle began.' - Bryan Adams

*Pictured above are the first three calves that started it all! 

Bryan then carried on his farm roots to Arizona where he and his wife Mary Adams started Arizona Buffalo Company now known as Adams Natural Meats.  Bryan and Mary are dedicated to humanly and naturally raising their Bison not only out of their passion for this magnificent animal but to help meet the growing demand for the Quality Meat Products they provide. 

Our motto, "Striving for Excellence... Growing With Pride" exemplifies what Adams Natural Meats represents in this industry.